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Brody Patchell
Diagnosed December 1, 2000

Brody, my grandson, is the best ball player I have ever seen. It seems like he was born with a desire to play ball. He has always had a ball around since I can remember. You say baseball, football, basketball, whatever the season, and he's off and running ... ready to go!

His bedroom has a shelf near the ceiling, all the way around the room, and on the shelf sits trophy after trophy he has won due to his achievements in sports.

Brody is ten and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000. It runs in the family on his mother's side, three generations back now. Brody refuses to be different and takes his shots and tests his blood sugar and doesn't complain.

He is a hero and doesn't even know it. I'm proud to be his Grandma Linda.

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