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John Mann
Diagnosed November 12, 2003

"Lil" John, named after his Daddy, is the fourth child in a family of six blessings (children). He has three older sisters and one younger one. Though he has always been spoiled by all the girls in his life, he has always been a rough and tumble boy.

His diagnosis came just one month before his third birthday and although it came as a surprise it did not stop John from being all boy. He endured the shots, which he hated, for a little over one year but is now a very happy little pumper.

Johnny is quite a video gamer and even though he is only four can be pretty hard to beat sometimes. He also loves going to the park, terrorizing his sisters and rough housing with his dad. Diabetes has been hard but it has also brought our family closer together and taught all of us to take nothing for granted. We pray daily for a cure and are thankful for all the research that is going toward fulfilling that prayer.

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