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Paige, Age 11
Paige Domino
Diagnosed October 1, 1997

My name is Paige Domino. I am 11 years old and I live in Minnesota. I have had diabetes since October of 1997 -- when I was 3 years old. Since then I have been doing my own blood sugars and having shots every day. Recently I got the insulin pump. So far I like it a lot. It is so nice not to have to do shots anymore. In school I like to play the flute, and I also like to play volleyball and golf.

This quilt is in honor of a very special girl in my life, my granddaughter, Paige Domino. Paige has been a very strong little girl in dealing with her diabetes. She has handledher daily routine in dealing with her diabetes very well over the years. A year ago she started to give herself her own shots, which went very well and now just this month (July 2005) she has gotten the Insulin Pump and that is working very well for her.

It is very much my hope that someday very soon a cure will be found for diabetes so everyone who has this can lead their normal lives again.

Thank you,
Grandma Carol

Paige's quilt was made by her great aunt Shirley and great grandma Velma.

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