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Connie McGregor

Being a diabetic has not stopped me doing what I want, although it can be a pain. Especially if you?re a wimp like me with needles! But, I manage. I eat what I want when I want and take insulin to compensate. My mother always did that even though the dietitians disagreed with her. It?s now common teaching, although, unfortunately, there are still old school educators around!

My wish is for total education about Type 1 Diabetes, along with a lot of other diseases we know little about.

The problem with diabetes is differentiating of types. Ninety-five percent of people who find out I have diabetes automatically assume (1) it?s my fault and (2) if I stopped eating sugar I?d be fine. No one really listens or cares about learning about why I take insulin and wear a pump!

Since I am completely uncreative and unimaginative when it comes to making anything, and I can?t sew, I begged for ideas! I literally did nothing on this quilt except print the iron-on decals and draw the lines. Full credit goes to Greti Tietze for the idea of a family tree, my mum for writing the story and Denise Morris for putting the quilt together for me! For the rest, (my attitude) my parents get all the credit, and for putting up with that attitude (he has to), Allan gets the credit.

Connie McGregor

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