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Max Klein
Diagnosed August 1, 2001

I'm Max Klein; 9 years old and I have had diabetes for 10 months.

My Auntie Anne made this quilt for me. She is brilliant!

The quilt shows where I live and things which are important to me. I live in a tiny village in rural Northern England with my mum and the cat Tinker. You can see the village church and our cottage on the quilt. I play a lot of tennis, I love all kinds of cars, especially rally cars and the crab is my birth sign. The fish is the sign of my Christian Faith.

I didn't want to get diabetes, but we always knew I might because mum has got it. She's had it for 38 years; that's a lot of injections!

I have two injections a day, I usually do these an my finger pricks myself, though mum does help me sometimes. Having diabetes doesn't stop me doing anything though it is a bit of a fiddle having to remember to have everything with me wherever I go. As well as playing tennis, I swim, play football, and enjoy riding my bicycle. I'm very active and I've learnt that this makes my blood sugar low and I can extra scrummy snacks.

Having diabetes isn't too bad, but I'd rather not have it and I hope a cure will be found so that my children won't have to have it.

Quilt made by Anne King

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