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Allison Mascolino
Diagnosed March 29, 2001

Alison will turn four on July 1, 2002. She was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2. Allison loves her brother, Sean. She likes the color blue, and her favorite TV show is "Dora the Explorer.' In October 2001, Allison, her mom, dad, and over 35 other family members and friends formed "Allison's All-Stars." As a team, they walked and raised $10,400 for the Ron Santo "Walk for a Cure" for Juvenile Diabetes. Allison's parents, Vicki and Tory, are grateful to all those who contributed to help the many children who live each day with this devastating disease and the hope for a cure.

Allison starting "pumping" at age 5 (July 2003). The adjustment period was a bit trying, resulting in a low blood sugar reading, seizure and call to 911. The infusion site was changed and improved.

March 29, 2008 marked the 7th year anniversary of Allison's diagnosis. Allison is an active 4th grader involved in Basketball, Volleyball and Softball. Academically, she is an Honors student at St. Kieron School. Allison was able to get the sensor for her pump this year (2008).

Quilt made by Allison's "gramma," Constance McIlnay.

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