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Friday, July 21, 2006
Program for Parents and Adults

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9:00 - 10:15 a.m

The Lollipop Brigade: Diabetes Management for Preschoolers
Presenter: Fran Kaufman
Location: Crystal Ballroom A/B

Diabetes care for young children requires a very special approach. Join Dr. Kaufman for a discussion of some of the special diabetes management considerations required by this age group, as well as some of the things to consider as these children approach the kindergarten years.

Advanced Pumping Concepts
Presenter: John Walsh
Location: Crystal Ballroom C

This presentation is for people who have been pumping at least several months and are comfortable with the basic concepts of pumping insulin. Learn how to maximize the functions of your insulin pump and how you utilize them to get the best control ever!

Sick Day Management
Presenter: Ragnar Hanas
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

Managing your child's diabetes on a 'sick day' can be an entirely different experience. What should you do with insulin dosage when your child is sick? What should you do if they won't eat or are vomiting? Should you push fluids? When should you worry? What constitutes an emergency? And what about ketones? Should you test urine ketones or blood ketones? Join us for a discussion of the options.

Understanding the Ups and Downs of Blood Sugar
Presenter: Irl Hirsch
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

Ever download your blood glucose meter, look at the pages of data and the pretty charts and say, “Huh?” This session will talk about glycemic variability – what it is, and what the effects may be. Dr. Hirsch will also help parents understand how to read and interpret a glucose download.

Resolving School Challenges
Presenter: Crystal Jackson
Location: Eisenia

In this follow-up session to Thursday's School Advocacy 101, Crystal works with parents on challenges which are happening in their particular school district.

Balancing Roles
Presenter: Betty Brackenridge
Location: Grouper

Mom, wife, professional, caregiver, cook, housekeeper, shopper… dad, husband, caregiver, coach, chauffeur, BBQ chef, student, athlete, patient, sibling, girlfriend, boyfriend, dreamer. So many roles. How do we juggle all of this, and how can we make it all fit in? Join Betty, and get ready to laugh at yourself for trying to be five people at once! (Really, you can do it!)

10:15 - 10:45 a.m. Snack Break by Oceans Ballroom sponsored by Smiths Medical

10:45 - 12:00

Best Practices Update
Presenter: Nathaniel Clark
Location: Crystal Ballroom A/B

Diabetes care practices change with new discoveries and new research. Dr. Clark will examine what is today's "best practices" to help you ensure that your child is receiving the best possible care.

Portion Distortion
Presenter: Mike Schurig
Location: Crystal Ballroom C

Portion sizes at restaurants are larger than ever nowadays. How in the world can a person with diabetes eat out and not fall prey to "portion distortion?" Come learn some fun and practical ways to combat the challenge

Teens Being Teens
Presenter: Andrea Scaramuzza
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

Teens with diabetes are still teens. Dr. Scaramuzza will explore the challenges of teen behaviors in kids with type 1 diabetes, and offer strategies to help parents keep their teens safe.

Exercise and Busy Kids - Preventing and Managing Hypos
Presenter: Sheri Colberg
Location: Crystal Ballroom E

Exercise poses very specific challenges to kids with type 1 diabetes, and yet a good exercise program is one of the best ways to manage diabetes and keep those blood glucose levels in range! Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or a student taking gym class, Sheri will have some great ideas for you.

Young Women's Discussion Group
Presenter: Fran Kaufman
Location: Eisenia

Young women (18-30) face their own sets of issues, concerns, joys, and growing pains. Add type 1 diabetes to the mix and you have - well - a lot to talk about. This session is "by request" of young women who participated in the conference last year and wanted their own time to just sit down and share ideas with Dr. Kaufman. Special guests Nicole Johnson Baker and Kelly Close will be on hand to share their recent experiences with having a baby while caring for their type 1 diabetes.

Stress Management Part 1
Presenter: Bob Bulgarelli
Location: Grouper

Ugh! There are just some days (actually, many of them) when a person needs to blow off steam or decompress because the stress levels get so high. Stress itself can be a leading cause of illness, and can cause other side effects such as migraines, elevated blood glucose levels, digestive problems, and elevated blood pressure to name just a few. Bob has some great strategies for learning to control your response to stress. Join him for this first of three sessions ... and have a stress-free couple of days!

12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Lunch Buffet in the Crystal Ballroom and Atrium sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis

1:30 - 2:45 p.m.

Flying Solo With Diabetes: Journey to the North Pole
Presenter: Douglas Cairns
Location: Crystal Ballroom A/B

Since completing Diabetes World Flight, founder Douglas Cairns has set four world speed records in his Beech Baron aircraft, including a transcontinental record from San Diego to Kittyhawk in North Carolina which took over 12 hours including two brief refueling stops. In May and June of this year, Douglas plans a record-breaking flight to the North Pole in an attempt to break one existing speed record and set two new ones during an 11-hour return flight between Resolute in northern Canada and the North Pole. Douglas is a living example that diabetes does not have to limit the scope of our dreams and ambitions.

Meter Accuracy and Continuous Monitoring
Presenter: Bill Clarke
Location: Crystal Ballroom C

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring is the new tool soon to be available to help in managing diabetes. What is the current status of these devices? How accurate are they? How will they be used? Are they right for you? What does the future hold for these systems? Come and learn about how CGS may affect the lives of people with diabetes.

Dads' Discussion Group
Facilitators: Richard Rubin, Stefan Rubin
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

Back again by popular demand ... the Dad's Hour! Whether you're new at diabetes or have been at this a long time, there is always good information to be shared in a forum like this. Join your facilitators for some great interaction. Dads only, please.

Talking with Your Child About Diabetes
Presenter: Joe Solowiejcyzk
Location: Crystal Ballroom E

Discussing diabetes with your child can sometimes be difficult. At times the topics are hard – or scary – and other times the conversation might have undertones of anger or frustration. On yet other days, those same types of conversations go smoothly. Why is that? Why do some conversations go well and others so poorly? Family counselor Joe S will discuss how best to have discussions with your kids about diabetes.

Pump Problem-Solving
Presenter: John Walsh
Location: Eisenia

Have a specific pump challenge that you just can’t figure out? This is a small group format in which John will take questions from the audience and problem-solve with the group. Come learn from other pumpers’ experiences!

Stress Management Part 2
Presenter: Bob Bulgarelli
Location: Grouper

Continued from this morning ... learning and practicing stress management techniques. It's part of a healthy lifestyle!

Diabetes World Journey
Presenter: Clare Rosenfeld
Location: Wedgwood

Come watch and listen as IDYA Founder Clare Rosenfeld shares her moving tale of discovery to learn about diabetes in the developing world. Clare will inspire you as she shares the truth, the hope and the amazing stories of world cooperation and advocacy.

3:15 - 3:45 p.m. Snack Break by Oceans Ballroom sponsored by Smiths Medical

3:15 - 4:30 p.m.

Smart Pumps and Sports
Presenter: Rick Philbin
Location: Crystal Ballroom A/B

Today's insulin pumps are not only smaller but they are smarter too! Learn how to use advanced features on pumps to make sports and exercise easier to manage. Many kids involved in sports were only concerned about whether to wear their pump during activity but now with advanced features such as temporary basal, separate basal program, insulin on board (IOB), and bolus calculator performance is enhanced. This promises to be a fun interactive discussion about Smart Pumps and Sports.

DRI Research Update
Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Fenjves
Location: Crystal Ballroom C

Insulin Resistance and Teen Strategies
Presenter: Nathaniel Clark
Location: Crystal Ballroom D

The teen years can be very challenging in terms of keeping blood sugars in target range. All sorts of things make the adrenaline flow – and adrenaline makes blood glucose rise. On top of that, insulin resistance seems to peak in teen years. What's a teen to do? Learn some of the current approaches, including oral medications.

Type 2 in Kids – An Update
Presenter: Fran Kaufman
Location: Crystal Ballroom E

Type 2 diabetes in children has been described as a huge problem in healthcare… in fact, an epidemic. Francine Kaufman, author of Diabesity, will update us on the status of type 2 diabetes in the U.S., and what we can do to help our children and communities stay healthy.

Grandparents Hands On
Facilitator: Betty Brackenridge
Location: Eisenia

Lancets and glucose monitoring and insulin injections and insulin pumps can seem overwhelming when you don't use them everyday. In this session, grandparents will have a chance to see and touch and use the current diabetes care products that their grandchildren are using.

Stress Management Wrap-Up
Presenter: Bob Bulgarelli
Location: Grouper

This is part 3 of Dr. Bulgarelli's stress management series. (Note: You do not have to go to all of the sessions in order to take advantage of the wonderful strategies presented!)

Dinner with Family and Friends
Enjoy dinner on your own with your family
and your new CWD friends

For Teens: Teen Dinner Dance
From 8 to Midnight in the Wedgwood Ballroom

All teens welcome (ages 13+ only, please)
No Parents Allowed (just chaperones!)
Sponsored by Unomedical

For Tweeners: Social Night!
From 9 to 11 pm in Yellowtail
Sponsored by LifeScan

Open Gym
Sports Central 7 to 11 pm
All Ages Welcome

... and don't forget ...

Saturday at Sea World
BBQ 11:30 am to 3:30 pm
Sea Harbor Pavilion

Tickets are Required!

Sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care

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